A Warrior without a King

A professional picks her battleground or sphere of influence.

She knows that she needs to be the best in the world.

Picking to be good at something that will please the population of the world (planet earth) probably is not going to be feasible.

She needs to pick an environment that is much smaller, so her work will be much more visible.

You get to pick which environment your work exists in. So, if the environment is changing, leave and go somewhere else.


A Warrior without a King

A professional knows when she is doing her work, she needs to be in her element.

Her work will get her undivided attention because she knows her clients or audience deserve her very best.

Cal Newport’s Deep Work offers many solid pieces of advice on setting yourself for the deep work necessary to succeed as a pro.

When you are doing this work, are you in your element, or are you floundering?


A Warrior without a King

A professional is always confident about her abilities to get it done.

She shows that there is nothing up her sleeves. She knows what to do because of her experience, training, and expertise.

The top professionals eagerly share what they know. They find out when there are more practitioners aware of their methods, the market for the pro’s skills can only grow larger as well.

The pros also know their craft is sophisticated and not of the commodity. Simply by sharing their expertise can only enhance everyone’s standing, including their own.

Write down what you do. Make it clear to everyone how you do it.

That is the mark of a professional worth seeking out.


A Warrior without a King

A professional strives to be the best in the “world.”

No, not necessarily the whole planet Earth. However, the world where someone or a group of people who feel you are the best option they have.

Being the best takes constant development on the professional’s part.

A professional also creates opportunities for herself and those who support her by developing a market where the participants can learn and thrive.

Develop yourself. Develop the market.


(從我的一個喜歡與尊敬的作家,賽斯 高汀)





一件高檔的作品會對輸入更加敏感。 輸入時常能決定一件高檔作品的成敗。

也許你不需要最好的輪胎。 也許你只需要一個廉價與可靠的方式從這裡到達那裡。


只有你刻意的不屈不撓去做。 這就創作是神奇。


A Warrior without a King

A professional knows the change she is hoping to make.

The audience she hopes will resonate with her idea and become part of the change.

It makes no sense to market your idea to just a thoughtless and emotionless organization.

Rather, organizations are made up of departments. People who in a particular department just might resonate with your idea.

When we sell to an organization, it makes no sense to sell to the wrong department.


A Warrior without a King

Louis C.K. is considered a pro at his craft.

Since his professional breakthrough in the late 80’s, Louis C.K. has consistently produced a body of work that has garnered praises or won awards.

Consistency is probably often the difference between a successful pro vs. a just-average pro.

When you work with a pro, you are not going be surprised by the next thing she is going to do.


(從我的一個喜歡與尊敬的作家,賽斯 高汀)






A Warrior without a King

There are many terms people can use to describe someone else.

“That plumber is always late to my appointment.”

“That plumber often would leave visible shoe print on my carpet.”

“I had to call the plumber back to fix the same problem just to be sure.”

Nothing against the plumbing professional by the way. The plumber I have been using for my home is a pro. He is always on-time, take care of putting on shoe protector, and always fixed the problem on the first try.

However, when you advertise yourself as a professional plumber who is on-time, detail-oriented, and skillful, do your customers’ comments match what you say on your business card?

When people talk about you, what do they say?

As it turns out, people comments are the actual branding statements that count, not what is printed on your business card.


A Warrior without a King

A professional takes the time she needs to acquire the necessary knowledge for her craft.

A professional applies the knowledge, through practice (many iterations), to build up the skills.

A professional combines various, relevant skills and tools to form an ability or capability.

Capabilities can turn into products or services that other may choose to pay for.

When an opportunity strikes, a professional can assess the end state and quickly draw from her inventory of capabilities, skills, and tools to achieve the desired results.

When the opportunity or situation is complicated, amateurs quickly run out of options.

A professional can assess the problem in a way that the amateur flees from.