Work and Self-Respect

In the book “Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices,” Peter Drucker talked about work being an extension of ourselves.

For many of us, work is probably a major way we use to define ourselves and to measure our worth.

We human beings have a strong a desire for being productive. I do not believe we, as species, could have progressed this far on this planet without wanting to work and to be productive in producing advancement.

When we are out of work (unemployment or some other circumstances), our self-worth and self-respect get undermined.

In the book “Linchpin” and several others, Seth Godin talked about being an artist and do the work that matter, whether with a firm or on your own.

More and more we are given the freedom to draw our own maps and to chart our own courses. Work and self-respect should no longer be defined by just whom happened to hire you right now.