About David Lowe

My name is David Lowe – welcome to my website.

I help CIOs to optimize their IT operations so they can respond to business quickly, manage costs more effectively, and support the growth of business. With 25 years of enterprise IT experience, backed by professional-level IT certifications, I deliver results by bringing in expertise in the following areas:

Cloud Infrastructure: Deliver IT infrastructure services through cloud and traditional channels. Apply relevant security models and risk management practices to keep data moving between various private, public, and hybrid cloud service offerings.

Business Mobility: Integrate mobile applications with the cloud infrastructure to encourage creative and productive technology uses toward business goals. Apply effective IT service management practices to deliver business applications that meet the business needs.

Data/Application Management: Apply business analysis practices to select, implement, integrate, enhance, and support business applications. Work with business to leverage data repositories for maximum business value.

Technology Architecture: Apply modern IT architecture and governance frameworks to deliver the most timely technology solutions. Integrate technologies into business processes in a way that the pieces fit well and work together.

Operational Excellence: Deliver thoughtful planning and flawless execution. Help IT organizations build creditability by running disciplined and efficient operations. Apply sound project management to delivering large-scale technology programs and solutions with the necessary fiscal transparency.

People Management: Hire, retain, and integrate talent into the organization and coach them to take their games to the next level. Building consultative and collaborative relationships at all levels of the organization, with both internal and external constituents.