Strategy You Choose as a Professional

A Warrior with a King

As a professional, what strategy do you choose to reach your prospective customers?

Take snow-shuffling service as an example.

  • Are you waiting on the corner so people will come up to you and ask? The trouble is… there are many of you also waiting on the same corner and ready to offer the service.
  • Are you ringing bells by going door to door and pitching your product or service?
  • Are you going the night before and ring bells? Let your prospective customers know that snowing is about to get heavy overnight, and they can contract for your service without waiting to find out in the morning.
  • Do you have subscribers? Customers know you are going to just show up and take care of the pile of snow without asking. In turn, they gladly pay for your service without you asking every single time it snows.

Subscription is the ultimate form of permission.

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