Service Desk in the IT Competency Equation

One visible way to score big on the IT competency front is to have a capable service desk.

Being competent in running a service desk means getting the basics taken care of.

Fulfill service requests with courteous professionals and helpful communications.

Assign tickets to the proper support group who can resolve the incidents and without undue delay.

Maintain solid records and history on tickets, so the customers will get timely and accurate updates about their request for help at any time.

Tightly monitor the tickets and work closely with the field and data center teams to ensure things do not fall through the cracks.

Doing well in all these areas are no trivial efforts. It takes a disciplined and well-trained team of professionals who are committed to providing the best experience possible every time they answer the phone.

Many organizations often do not see service desk as an asset for the IT team. Rather, they treat it as a commodity and the first cost line item to outsource or eliminate whenever possible.

Getting the service desk in shape will not cure all ills in an under-performing IT organization. The service desk is the most visible part of an IT organization. Paying the proper attention and get things right with service desk will help the IT organization by buying the time to fix everything else.

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