New Meetup to Connect Coding Learners

Started a new Meetup to try to connect learners and level up everyone’s game at the same time.

The purpose of “MOOC Coding Learners Support Community” to provide a support structure for those who are interested in enhancing their programming/coding skills via MOOC (Coursera, edX, etc.) course offering. If you are planning to learn coding skills with MOOC courses but don’t wish to do it all by yourself, this study group is for you. The study group participants get together regularly and answer questions you might have on a lab/assignment/project. Everyone is welcome to join the study group, and getting certified formally via the MOOC is NOT a requirement for this study group. The meetup sessions will strictly observe all MOOC honor codes. We are here to help and to support one another in our efforts to level up our coding skills.

The first study group will cover Coursera’s Applied Data Science with Python specialization on Thursday, June 20 at 6 pm. Hope to see you there and plan how we can capitalize on this learning opportunity together.

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