Mission and Competency

Many organization I have worked for or with touted the critical importance of being strategically aligned. Certainly, many doctrines and frameworks in IT also emphasize the importance of strategy.

People would say it is critical for IT to be strategically and tactically aligned to the business. To succeed an organization must take care of both tracks simultaneously.

Instead of thinking strategy and tactic as parallel, I am a believer of that they are sequential for the most part.

Another word, you need to be tactically competent before you can meaningfully discuss mission alignment.

Competency means getting the basics taken care of. Fulfill service requests with helpful communications and without undue delay. Meet the availability and capacity service levels. Deliver the project on-time, within budget, and with the planned deliverables.

Delivering the basic competencies above will help accumulate trust from the customer and build permission for future alignment discussions.

To consistently deliver the basics but without the mission alignment, not optimal but at least the customer received some value. To discuss strategic alignment without the pre-requisite trust and permission, it presents no value to the customer.

Mastering the competency means at least the business and operations will continue. For many organizations that are too politically fragment and siloed, they just want to focus on keeping the joint operating. For those organization, discussing anything about strategy alignment for IT probably is just a luxury anyway.

Before you can achieve mission-alignment, you need to achieve tactical-competency.

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