Our Digital Selvesware

Just read via Harvard Business Review, “Bots Won’t Just Help Us Buy Stuff. They’ll Help Us Become Better Versions of Ourselves” by Michael Schrage.

Mr. Schrage proposed an interesting idea “selvesware.” Selvesware will deliver actionable, data-driven insight and advice options for better communication, collaboration, and facilitation. Selvesware invites professionals to digitally amplify their talents and attributes while monitoring and minimizing weaknesses.

At the end, Selvesware is a more productive version of ourselves by leveraging workplace data and analytics. The recent advances in machine learning and data analytics have made the technologies more accessible than ever.

The selvesware idea does not mean we let bots perform every task we do. It does mean finding places where your performance can be augmented for better results. Mr. Schrage suggested thinking “augmenting introspection” rather than merely “artificial intelligence.”

People already correct their vision with lenses or laser surgery, and some leverage chemistry to enhance moods and cognitive abilities. Selvesware is physiologically less invasive and may well prove to have a noticeable effect on personal and workplace productivity.

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