IT Change Management Then

Change management in IT can be a difficult topic for organizations to deal with it.

Many of us in IT do not like how the ITIL change management is implemented in their organization.

It is too bureaucratic. It is too inflexible. It is too restrictive.

Another word, it does not add value to what we do or to the services we deliver.

It is easy to write off the ITIL change management practice because it seems no longer fit the operating model of the organization.

Not so fast! Perhaps it is more instructive to first think about how the ITIL change management came about.

It was designed in an industrial factory era where stability and consistency are valued above all else.

It was designed with the assumption that changes are more of exceptions and should be anticipated or planned for when possible.

It was designed with the belief that the pace of change is manageable, and organizations can adapt to them gradually.

Today we live in an idea economy environment where flexibility and creativity are much more valued. Changes are more of the norm, rather than an exception. The pace of change is fast and furious as well as often forced upon us whether we like it or not.

Understanding the limitation of the ITIL change management process and the environment we are in today, is the first step towards adjusting our approach for managing change.

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