IT Change Management Now

I gave my initial thoughts about the ITIL change management process and how the environment might be different today than when it was first designed back in the 90s.

Some argue that ITIL change management process is outdated for today’s fast-moving environment.

Many are seeking answers to managing changes. The newer approaches of Agile and DevOps look promising.

Perhaps it is more instructive to first think about what change management means in today’s environment.

Today, change is the new constant and entropy rules. Change often is out of our control. Change often get forced upon us, not the other way around.

We start by bypassing our fear of change. We train our people to make small, low-effort changes all the time. Small changes add up to bigger impact over time.

We also attract people who see changes as opportunities, not as something undesirable and should be stamped out.

Rather than reacting or fighting the changes, smart organizations find positive mutations and incorporate successful new techniques into their DNA.

They evolve.

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