A dozen things I learned about making a ruckus

Watched “Keep Making a Ruckus – Seth Godin” on YouTube. Here are a few things I learned from this discussion.

  1. Great leaders set positive standards.
  2. Are you comfortable in working with people with low standard or with people who don’t trust you? If the answer is no, then work on either changing the people or changing the line-up.
  3. Surround yourself with people who will challenge you to go to the next level.
  4. We are in the new era of connection. Be less concerned with what is next – focus on what is now.
  5. Making art is about taking the leap (a leap that might not work) and making the connection in the process.
  6. The work that will gain respect moving forward is those where human beings figure out how to take what we got and make a new thing.
  7. Connections are created when you find a group of outcasts/outliers and give them a way to find each other and feel valued.
  8. When making creative work, keep in mind that we live in the era where it is free to be wrong.
  9. The decision to ship should be made early on in a project. When the time comes, honor your intention and ship! That makes a habit and becomes a part of the practice.
  10. If you are looking for an environment to explore what is interesting and what can I fail at, giant companies and communities that don’t accept failure probably are not the place to be.
  11. You will not do great work in any field if you cannot say to the non-believers, “This is not for you.”
  12. It is a bad idea to work in isolation. The idea business is not so much about how many hours you can put into it. It is about how brave and how connected are you.
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