Fresh Links Sundae – May 18, 2014 Edition Links Sundae encapsulates information I have come across during the past week. Often they are from the people whose work I admire or resonate with me. I hope you will find these ideas thought-provoking at the minimum. Even better, I hope these ideas will, over time, help my fellow IT pros make better decisions, be awesome, and kick ass!

IT as a Service (ITaaS) is a shiny new buzzword for the old idea that CIOs should run IT as if it is an independent business. If IT is going to be a business serving internal customers, Bob Lewis believes that its business model matters. In a three-part series, he discusses what we can do to make the ITaaS model work. The ITaaS metaphor – picking and choosing the parallels (Part 1) Where the ITaaS IT-as-a-business metaphor does fit (Part 2) ITaaS: If they’re going to be your customers, make them your tenants (Part 3) (IS Survivor Publishing)

Many IT organizations are actively working toward becoming a service provider, but a necessary prerequisite to achieve this status is good IT-business alignment. Barton Kaplan recommends five best practices for IT organizations to adopt in order to realize the true promise of alignment. 5 Tactics Leading IT Organizations Use to Realize the Promise of Business Capabilities (VMware Accelerate)

Many organizations are placing a big bet on digital marketing to drive results. Jennifer Polk outline three things required for success in digital marketing. Three Things You Need to Get the Most out of Digital Commerce (Gartner Blogs)

Every project needs some core elements that are connected to the actual performance of the project and can be used to make decisions in a closed loop feedback system. Glen Alleman discusses the four core components that must be in place for a project. Four Critical Elements of Project Success (Herding Cats)

Is it reasonable just to deliver good service and not waste time by spelling things out with Service Level Agreements? Hanan Baranes believes that we should not take the short-cut if you really want to give good service and have happy customers. If You Don’t Have an SLA, You’re Delivering Bad Service (SysAid Blog)

Part of being able to deliver the premium level of service to our customers is to ensure that we have the necessary service management capabilities built and established. Ryan Ogilvie discusses some essential foundational steps to establish a service management program. Ensuring Service Management Stays Effective (Service Management Journey)

As a service provider with a complex infrastructure, Heroku has a codified framework for responding to incidents that require extensive coordination and communication. Mark McGranaghan shares what they do at Heroku for incident response for those who may be considering adopt and apply some of these practices for their organizations. Incident Response at Heroku (Heroku)

Similar to other change management efforts, a highly successful Agile transformation happens when there is executive engagement throughout. Steve Colasinski suggests that executives should consider leading the change by being personally involved and engaged with the Agile transformation activities. Agile Transformation & Executive Engagement (LeadingAgile)

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