Fresh Links Sundae – April 20, 2014 Edition Links Sundae encapsulates information I have come across during the past week. Often they are from the people whose work I admire or resonate with me. I hope you will find these ideas thought-provoking at the minimum. Even better, I hope these ideas will, over time, help my fellow IT pros make better decisions, be awesome, and kick ass!

Charles Araujo believes that a well-run operation is the strategic pathway to the most important asset of any IT organization: trust. He goes on to explain the three key qualities a disciplined IT shop usually possesses. The Three Attitudes of a Disciplined IT Department (CIO Insight)

Analyzing and displaying data correctly can be very context or situation dependent. Nancy Duarte shows us the questions we should be asking before properly analyzing or visualizing data. The Quick and Dirty on Data Visualization (Harvard Business Review)

The ever-increasing size of data is presenting a challenge for organizations to manage and analyze in order to deliver actionable business insight.  John Haddad outlines an approach of creating a data management supply chain that identifies business goals and deploy the agile infrastructure necessary to achieve those objectives. How to build a big data supply chain (InfoWorld)

Many teams resort to compromise in order to avoid conflicts when discussing or collaborating on important data-based decisions with another group. Michael Schrage believes that is an ineffective approach and suggests that we should demand our teams to demonstrate just how well they understand the other’s viewpoint and position. How to Have an Honest Data-Driven Debate (Harvard Business Review)

For many IT organizations, the changes in the business and technology environments have prompted the examination of the IT as a Service (ITaaS) model. Michael Biddick recommends IT organizations examine three key ITaaS elements as they attempt to transform from a sole service provider role to a service strategist.  Zen & The Art Of Service-Oriented IT (InformationWeek)

Oded Moshe believes that a good IT Asset Management (ITAM) practice can enable IT departments to make smarter decisions, demonstrate their value, and reduce nasty surprises. He goes on to explores nine ways IT department can improve their own effectiveness by leveraging ITAM. 9 Ways ITAM Can Empower IT (SysAid Blog)

An IT Asset Management (ITAM) program is often viewed as a temporary, stop-gap response to audit or compliance exercises, but it can yield long-term benefits if it is done effectively. Anne Watson outlines the elements for an effective ITAM program. Navigating the Political Storm Of ITAM (ITAM Review)

Effective performance can be viewed as a function of the quality of an idea times the employee’s commitment to make it happen. When communicating with direct reports, Marshall Goldsmith recommends that gaining their commitment and enthusiasm should be a priority. Their Commitment Might Mean More Than Our Insight (Marshall Goldsmith Personal Blog)

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Microsoft has made a free eBook by David Ziembicki and Mitch Tulloch available for download. Free ebook: Microsoft System Center: Integrated Cloud Platform (Microsoft Press)

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