Fresh Links Sundae – February 17, 2013 Edition Links Sundae encapsulates information I have come across during the past week. They maybe ITSM related or not entirely. Often they are from the people whose work resonates with me, and I hope you will find them at least thought-provoking or something of value.

Aligning with the business is an on-going goal for many IT organizations. Bob Lewis suggests an exercise for IT organizations to use in order to better understand the business so achieving alignment will be easier to accomplish. Profiling the business/Profiling IT (IS Survivor Publishing)

Although many IT shops still treat automation as a “nice thing to do,” Stephen Mann advises that moving ITSM forward in our increasingly complex environment will not be effective without some form of automation. He also suggests tips on how to handle automation effectively. Automation: Is It The Only Way For IT To Really “Do More With Less”? (Forrester Blogs)

While many IT organizations have implemented CMDB, most of those organizations have only a rudimentary level of ITSM maturity in leveraging such key information source. Robert Stroud advocates that having a solid handle on the critical components that make up the services can make the organization more effective in delivering them. CMDB: The Key to Delivering Effective Services (CA Technologies)

Before taking on the BYOD research and trying to formulate a workable policy for your organization, Martin Grobisen suggests four areas to focus your research and policy-making effort. Introduction to the 4 Policies of MDM (ITSM Lens)

Some IT organizations attempt to deliver quality services but still experience negative feedback from the user community. Julie Montgomery discusses some common mistakes that can undermine your service improvement effort. 10 Common Mistakes That Totally Sabotage Your IT Service Quality (Plexent Blog)

When considering a career change, there are always job skills that can be fully leveraged for the new endeavor. Aaron Whittenberger talks about five general skills that can help you move forward in a business analysis career. 5 Transferable Soft Skills That Will Catapult Your BA Career Forward (Bridging the Gap)

There are some people who seem to get a lot more done than others. Jeff Haden outlines seven attributes that are making the differences for those highly productive people. 7 Qualities of Über-Productive People (

Reflecting from his own personal experience and observations, Marshall Goldsmith advises that, as a nation, American could be less competitive if we continue to ignore the reality in an increasingly competitive global environment. The Danger of Denial (Marshall Goldsmith Personal Blog)

While corporate downsizing and restructuring is a common occurrence, Stanley Bing takes a humorous look at this topic and explains how to analyze your odds of staying where you are. Are you going to keep your job this year? (Fortune Management)

In our increasing connected communities, Seth Godin outlines the three attributes that can enable us to be more supportive of one another and can make us a better participant in our own communities. Open, generous and connected (Seth’s Blog)

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