Fresh Links Sundae – November 25, 2012 Edition

Fresh Links Sundae encapsulates information I have come across during the past week. They maybe ITSM related or not entirely. Often they are from the people whose work resonates with me, and I hope you will find something of value.

The inability to reach workable decisions often contributes to the perception or reality that IT is a bottleneck to the business. Bob Lewis explains how playing the game of bridge can offer a lesson in business decision making. Next-gen IT trump card: Trust (InfoWorld)

While preparing for her upcoming presentation at TFT12, Kirstie Magowan shares her thoughts on what impact social technologies and events like TFT12 will have on professional association membership in general. The future is now…be part of it (Common Sense and Service Management)

Working with his ITSM colleagues, Tobias Nyberg discusses what he had to do in order to overcome an organizational inertia of getting other members in the organization to adopt the use of the ITSM tool. Not invented here (The ITSM Review)

As an IT manager, I believe hiring technical professionals can always benefit from a consistent, structural approach that is fair and thorough. Chris Foot outlines the approach that his organization uses to recruit and screen DBA candidates. The Art of the Interview (Remote DBA Experts)

During a recent interview with Oleg Skrynnik of Cleverics, David Ratcliffe shares his views on the Pink Elephant conference and the future prospect of ITSM. Talking About The Past, Present & Future Of Pink & ITSM (Pink Elephant)

Reacting to a recent research report on IT customer service impact to the business, Rob England gives his interpretation of the report, and why he does not quite accept the premise that there is a causal link between high levels of service and productivity. How interpretation of statistics can distort any picture (The IT Skeptic)

We often find ourselves selling and promoting many products or idea. Mark Goulston suggests four tactics to use to get people to take notice and tune in to your messages. How Do You Grab People’s Attention? (Usable Insight)

We often choose to follow someone as a role model based on how much similarities we see between us and the role model persons. Jeff Haden advises why such approach can be problematic and how we can look at this differently. Role Models: Why You Might Need a New One (

Using a camping example, Seth Godin talks about how setting up a camp fire can also apply to how we market and promote. Wasted kindling (Seth’s Blog)

Communication breakdowns in organizations can hinder or adversely affect their operations.  Marshall Goldsmith discusses why these lapses happen and how they can be avoided. Sharing is Caring (Marshall Goldsmith Personal Blog)

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