Fresh Links Sundae – April 1, 2012 Edition

Fresh Links Sundae encapsulates some pieces of information I have come across during the past week. They maybe ITSM related or not entirely. Often they are from the people whose work I admire, and I hope you will find something of value. No Fooling!

Service Desk 2.0: Aale Roos described in detail his vision of a future service desk. (Pohjoisviitta Oy)

IT for free? Where do I get IT?: Robert Stroud talked about why IT and business do not seem to align, and the misalignment has created trust issues. (CA on Service Management)

IT Skills Trends and Opportunities from the Experts: Evolven compiled a list of IT skills and trends discussions from various sources. (Evolven Blog)

5 Missing Functions That Could Kill Your Help DeskJeff Wayman discussed five things that can seriously impede a service desk’s capability and performance. (ITSM Lens)

Asking the Right Questions Can Have a Dramatic Impact on Your Life: Don Tennant discussed how asking the right questions can be just as important as knowing how to answer questions when it comes to building relationships and delivering business results. Why Mastering the Art of Asking Questions Is So Essential is a follow-up post. (From Under the Rug)

IT’s stranglehold loosens another notch: Gary Hinson compared today’s cloud and mobile computing trends to the personal computing trends two decades back and tried to draw some parallels and lesson learned. ((ISC)2 Blog)

More on next gen ITM: Charles Betz discussed the characteristics that he sees as essential for the next generation of IT management platform, which incorporates both project and service management capabilities on a common platform with integrated resource management. (Charles Betz)

Defining IT Service Management – Or Is That “Service Management”?: Stephen Mann discussed the definitions of ITSM and why challenges in today’s environment necessitate a far more customer-centric approach to IT service delivery. (Forrester Blogs)

Beware The Self-Righteous Fool: Bret Simmons discussed the question of how or whether should we deal with self-righteous behaviors at work? (Positive Organizational Behavior)

Overthrow Yourself: Umair Haque  discussed what is the purpose of enterprise and why he feels the purpose of enterprise is to evoke the highest human potential. (Umair Haque)

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