Event Management Process Design – Part Two

This post is part two of a series where we discuss the Event Management process and how to put one together. In the previous post, I presented some design elements to consider. As a follow-up, I will present two documents to illustrate the design process further.

Sample Process Requirements Document

The first document contains a list of sample process requirements. No different to engineering software or systems, the purpose of the requirement document is to capture all considerations that need to be factored into the process design. What activities will be carried out as part of the process and how one activity will flow to another? What information or data points get fed into which activities and what output are expected? Who will perform what activities and when? We need to define some roles, so we know who will do what and when. If you plan to implement a tool to support some portion of the process, some tool-specific considerations should be captured in the requirement document as well. The sample activities outlined in the document are pretty rudimentary and simplistic. You need to tailor your document with requirements from your organization.

Sample Process Flow Document

The second document contains a sample process flow. The process flow shows who is doing what and the timing of the activities. The flow document attempts to describe the process pictorially while the requirement document tries to carry as much description in text. It should be obvious that the process flow should be consistent with the requirements outlined, and, in fact, both the process requirement and process flow documents should convey the same information about the process. Some organizations combine the information from both documents into one requirement/design document, and that is perfectly fine.

In part three of the post, we will combine everything we have done and produce one final process design document. The process design document will include not only the requirements, the flow, and the roles, but also other information pertinent to the process such as the policy statement, a RACI chart, and the process metrics. The final process design document can then be used as the foundation to implement the actual Event Management process within your organization.

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